Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Heroes are my Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips - @SEPauthor


I love romantic suspense and I adore romantic comedy. Take these two elements and mix them together with a small amount of sexual tension..and you have one amazing read. When this story started I will confess that I was a tad bit confused with the puppet dialogue that was going on with the heroine Annie. After a while I caught on so well though that I felt like these puppets were actual real characters. Yes ..totally. I mean it seemed strange to me too but Annie almost had a little bit of her personality in each of her puppets. Then comes the mysterious Theo. OH man give me a dark and brooding man and I'll swoon ASAP every single time. Theo brought broodiness to the table with a capital B.
I mean B for BABY Give me more!! I wanted to hear him talk ..because every time he opened his mouth it seemed I held my breath. Sometimes the most erotic reads are left for the imagination. Theo had my imagination running wild.
I am serious! 
 So then ..my favorite character..oh my the one that stole the show was..
Canibal..the cat! 
This little guy called the shots..and I adored him. 
That hero was my weakness! 

The mystery and the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and I absolutely didn't know what was going to happen. Ms. Phillips wove a tale that had me guessing, then cussing then laughing. Then after all was said and done, I did a little swooning (is that a word? ) and then I cried. But with a smile on my face. So yea this was a definite winner on all accounts.

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