Sunday, August 31, 2014

Worth Forgiving (MMA Fighter #3) by Vi Keeland - @ViKeeland

I have to say I really adored Jax so much and I was a little skeptical about his character after meeting him in Vince's book. Jax is the half brother of Vince Stone and their "dad" wasn't much of a human being so the fact that Vince and Jax turned into two amazing individuals just blows my mind. 
It's ironic that they both had this passion for fighting. This book starts off in Jax's POV and I adore being in a mans head. See you add that POV to Vi Keelands imagination and you got a alpha playground. 
I was in book lust with this bad boy. His determination to be the opposite of his cheating and despicable father...just melted my heart. His drive and his loyalty just spoke volumes. 
From the moment he laid eyes on Lily , Jax was a goner. It might have been physical at first but these two had the sweetest romance blossom. 
 The way I feel about this woman, so intense and powerful, it scares the hell out of me.
I can say that I just enjoyed fully their sweet and romantic banter. They way they shared everything from dreams to the food of their plates was so endearing. Ok then since this is the love scene master Vi Keeland you throw in some sexy sizzling love scenes and things just got even better. 
 Jax and Lily had this passion that just exploded and the gentlmen on the street was the dominant dirty mouthed sex god in the bedroom. 
Total perfection! 
But really on a serious note. They made LOVE and it was beautiful! 
The obstacles that were thrown in the way of this sweet couple were basically misunderstandings and once they cleared the air it was a perfect conclusion. Lily had to make a choice and really her heart had already decided. 
All she had to do was just let it go. Every thing Jax did was because he loved her. 
To add to the perfection of this read..we got to see Vince and Nico and oh baby that was adorable seeing two grown men learn how to be brothers.
I'm really sad that I think this is the last of this series but I can say it's one of my favorites for sure.
I was lost in this story from page one till the epilogue and Vi Keeland remains a romance genius and in the top of my favorites  on my book shelves.

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