Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Break the Sky by Nina Lane -@NinaLaneAuthor


Oh wow, I can tell you that Nina Lane is a master at writing amazing love stories. I am in awe and in stupefied wonder. Totally swooning over all that is Archer West. I honestly was wondering how she was going to redeem him after his not so stellar actions in the Spiral of Bliss series. The way he acted to Dean and Liv made me want to junk punch him. But I have to confess I had this really big part of my heart that kept feeling really bad for him. I mean he really got the short end of the stick when it comes to how his family treated him when he was a little boy. I felt like there was just MORE to all that was Archer. Nina Lane shouldn't ever be second guessed or doubted. I bet she had Archer's story half written before she blinked. I felt her love for this character on every page of this story. He was broken but strong and he was loyal but afraid of getting close to someone and forming relationships. His fear was from never having anyone to count on. For him to come to Dean and want to get to know his nephew ..it was a huge step for him. 
Then one evening out of nowhere a girl came along and every thing he thought he knew about what he wanted out of life and who he was well it was turned upside down. 
Heads I leave, Tails I stay

 One night and 6 words would pave the way to a love story that took my breath away and kept me riveted. There was so much passion and chemistry between Kelsey and Archer that I am surprised my Kindle didn't overheat. 
Kelsey was living a life but going through the motions. Archer came along like a powerful and electric storm ..and Storms are something Kelsey had a very hard time turning away from.  Yet she had been living a life safe from anything exciting..thinking that is what she needed to do..as some sort of penance. Archer had his own demons and he was ready to face them. No matter how hard Kelsey tried to keep her distance...she couldn't fight the magnetic pull of Archer's love. 
 There wasn't anything that could stop these two from growing closer..except stubborn pride. 
I’m not always myself when I’m with you.”
“Yeah, you are. You just don’t know it.”

 Between the budding romance of this sweet couple there were glimpses into the lives of Liv and Dean. In some ways I think Archer learned a little about a real solid love ..watching his brother interact with his wife and baby led him to see that not all relationships are filled with lies and betrayal. I enjoyed so much being able to revisit that amazing couple. Then add in the storm chasing and well there were so many exciting and thrilling encounters. I literally felt my heart racing at times. 

Things heated up and emotions ran wild. This was an amazing love story and I couldn't put it down. Nina writes passionate and loyal heroes and complex and strong heroines.  I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next.

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