Thursday, August 14, 2014

Love's Sacrifice (The Billionaire Banker #5) by Georgia Le Carre -@GeorgiaLeCarre

I have been mesmerized by this series since the very first book. My heart has nearly exploded from my chest so many times with all of the emotions I've experienced while reading this amazing authors work. This couple has become so special to me and I am in a bittersweet book coma right now after finishing this. I found that Georgia Le Carre is a master at pushing boundaries while catching you right before you cross over them. She has me holding my breath in so many ways and so many times that I am in utter awe of her creativity. For me to be just a reader, to have fell in love with these characters by just being lost in their story, well, I can't even imagine how she must feel to be the one that brought them to life. I will forever think of Blake and Lana as my modern day 
      Beauty and the Beast.   
Where the Beast fought the enemy with the strength of his Beauty right by his side. Where the enemies were lurking in the places that safety should have resided. 
 In this installment I can tell you that my heart was shredded and then put back together so many times that I needed to take a breather to calm down. 
 Blake and Lana open the story with the most amazing and beautifully erotic love scenes. I was totally drunk on the passion of this couple. The scenes had me trembling with emotion. I have never..had such a reaction and felt like I was almost an interloper...peaking into the intimate moments of a couple. The passion simply seemed so alive. 

While Georgia has NEVER let me down, not even once...she still knows how to keep me on that edge ..the precipice of OH MY GOD..moments. There were a few parts that I was almost in sheer epic terror and also heartbreaking angst. When I almost felt at times I couldn't take anymore of these overwhelming emotions..that is when Georgia weaved her magic pen and put me back together again. 

Blake undeniably threaded himself into my heart and soul with his breathtaking possessive personality. He opened his mouth and I held my breath literally ...each and every time. 

‘Sometime ago I had my soul put in a box and delivered to you.’

‘When I met you, my heart was a blank canvas. Now, it is a kaleidoscope of color, rich and eternal.’

I will continue to tell everyone about this amazing love story. I owe it to the characters. One more time I find myself saying thank you! Georgia..
I will forever be indebted to you for the opportunity to experience a love story that will transcend time. Blake and Lana will live in my heart forever. 

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