Friday, August 22, 2014

The Viper by Kele Moon - @Kele_Moon

I was thrilled to find so many things I love bout my favorite types of romance stories combined in this steamy read. I found a bossy yet sweet hero who was loyal to his girl and his friends and family. I found a mix of innocent and vixen in the heroine and add to that some sassiness thrown in for good measure. 
Marcus and Katie were adorable together. Thrown in each others paths by the most unusual circumstances they are drawn to each other in the most profound way. Katie doesn't want to let this amazing and mysterious stranger leave from her life without the chance to at least thank him for saving her. She goes to extreme measures to find him again. 
Marcus sees everything he yearns for but doesn't deserve in Katie but in the end can't fight his attraction and they spend one week together that just deepens the connection so much more.  Marcus loved Katie like she never experienced before and their sweet encounters were emotional and erotic. 
  Katie stole the story in my book the way she stood up to those around her and decided to move forward with such courage. Marcus was the perfect hero in the way that he didn't shy away from his feelings ..but owned up to them. 

I loved all the secondary characters and how Kele Moon brought such depth to the story by showing the connections of the deep rooted family ties. My heart broke for Chuito and I want him and Alaine to find their HEA so bad.  I was very intrigued by the Moretti brothers and hope to hear more about them in future books. I have a secret obsession with Mafia story lines..and I'm very very intrigued by the intense and broody Nova. What sassy heroine would bring this sexy tough man to his knees? 
 Kele, I kinda want to beg you to give me his story ASAP.
 I can say this was one romantic and passionate romance and I enjoyed every Sizzling Page. 


  1. Thank you SOOOOO much for your review!!! And LOL! Nova. . . As a carry over from the Battered Hearts series he has a BIG fan club. He gets lots of fan mail!



    1. Ahh, I am a book behind I think on that series. I gotta go back to it asap. Thanks for a great story NOVA is yummy ! <3

  2. Nova plays a big role in Crossing the Line. . . LOL! Which is why he's gotten so popular!


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