Sunday, August 31, 2014

Reprisal by Christa Lynn - @authorclynn

I've finally made my way to this sexy suspense. I loved Gabe so freaking much. He was so amazing with his protectiveness and most of all his patience.

She needs to know that not all men are like her father and that there is good out there.
Sydney was a very stubborn character. I think that Gabe was just what she needed as anyone else wouldn't have been able to deal with her hot/cold moods. There were times I wanted to shake her and other times I wanted to say "use your inside voice" but then I'd think about her past and remember it's her way of protecting herself. 
The things this lady went through would give the toughest person nightmares. I was very happy that Gabe kept fighting for her and didn't give up. 

There were some pretty hot scenes in this book and I am glad I finally made my way to it and will have to check out more from this author.


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