Friday, August 8, 2014

Lonzo (Tycoon Series 1 - Book 1) by Kat Madrid

It' not a secret that I love Billionaire Romances and also romances where the hero has always vowed he'd never fall in love but then that one feisty woman comes along and knocks him for a loop. This story had both of those elements and I was very excited about jumping in. 

Lonzo and Jordana without knowing how it happened wake up in bed together. Jordana has her "v" card in place still at this point in her life but only because she's never felt the real passion that she wanted to feel when surrendering that special part of herself. Quickly passion ignites between two strangers and then the games begin.
The dust settles and these two retreat two their corners. What transpires is a battle of wills. I loved Jordana and felt she was just the most genuine character and such a compassionate soul. I wanted to just applaud so many times when she put Lonzo in his place. 
I found that Lonzo really had to grow on me. He was over the top with his views of how women should be treated. He had no respect for them at all. I actually wanted to junk punch him a time or two over the way he acted. 
"It takes more than a cherry to make me cough up a wedding ring" 
But slowly I started seeing this turmoil inside of him.With how he interacted with his uncle, trying to be all tough and stubborn but loyal and caring all at the same time.  He didn't have a clue what was happening to his heart. I started feeling kinda sorry for him. It's like he never was taught how to love ..and was taught from an early age that women use and women leave. So after that I realized I need to cut him some slack.  Just a little.
I really started enjoying the banter between Jordana and Lonzo at this point. This is the first installment of this series and there wasn't much of a relationship between the two by the end. Just a few explosive sexual encounters. They still don't know each other at all by the end. A few cracks had started forming in their armor though. This I enjoyed with bated breath. 

 God, he was addicted to her taste—like summer peaches and honey.

So fucking sweet and potent at the same time, it sent his head spinning.
 I look forward to finding out how things will change once they actually start spending real time together. This was a hot and sexy erotic read with some pretty strong willed characters. I really want to see more of this passionate couple and hope to see them fall in love..after the lust settles. 

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