Sunday, August 10, 2014

Incandescent (Knights Rebels #1) by River Savage - @RiverS_Author

I was really pleased with this sexy sassy romance. It was very surprising to me to hear that this was the debut novel from this author. I found it captivating and emotional. The characters had strong personalities and the chemistry was intense. From the moment of their first encounter both Nix and Kadence were powerless against their explosive attractions. On the outside these two were total opposites with Kadence being the prim and proper school teacher by day and then a sexy vixen underneath. Nix wasn't anything but what he portrayed. Hard and rough, dirty and sexy. He said what he thought and didn't make apologies. What he needed was a woman that didn't cave to his every whim or let him push her around and Kadence was just that and more.
She fed his passion with her sassy mouth and sarcastic one liners. She came off as piss and vinegar. But she was hiding, she was scarred and damaged both physically and emotionally. That is what hid behind her hard as nails exterior. A past that was riddled with pain and betrayal left Kadence bitter and jaded. Nix was one that didn't take no for an answer especially when he saw straight through to the beautiful and passionate woman underneath and his dominant and take charge attitude let her let go and just feel.
There’s this air of innocence about her, but at the same time, I know this woman could destroy me.
He knew he was the one to let that passion and brilliance breathe. He brought out her dirty girl side and gave it back to her in his sexy foul mouth way. I loved how this relationship progressed and how they interacted with his MC family. There were some secondary stories going on along side of this sexy romance that kept the story moving in a away I was unable to put down. The way Nix was with his son Z just melted my heart. When Kadence was faced with this fathers love she was lost to his charm too.
The sight of this man being fatherly stirs something in me, more than his touch did.
Add in some danger and suspense and this was an entertaining read that I didn't want to end. I eagerly await Sy and Holly's story. I love a brooding man who has secrets and pain I can't wait to see come to light ..and a woman that needs healing as much as he does. Very pleased with this read and will be first in line for more from this author.

Incandescent: Knights Rebels MC


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