Saturday, August 2, 2014

Spiral of Bliss series by Nina Lane @NinaLaneAuthor
Wow, I just finished the last book the Spiral of Bliss series and I am in a state of pure romantic happiness or well I'll be sappy and call it what it is..bliss.
 I feel like sighing and crying all at the same time I wear a smile on my face. I felt this was the most amazing sweet and sentimental romantic series.  But at the same time I feel like this was a thrilling suspense and at times terrifying too. See this journey for this couple encompassed so many obstacles and so many triumphs. 
Dean West is like a force of nature. He may be a professor in his day job but he's a true Alpha Male in every sense of the word. 
He stole my heart in Arouse with one simple line. 
“Come here, beauty,” he says. “You need to be kissed.”
His possessiveness and his loyalty spoke of a chivalry that isn't seen very often in romance anymore. I found that his love for Olivia was so beautiful at times I found myself holding my breath. 
I feel like this series has embedded itself into my heart in a profound way.
 I believe the reason I took a while to finally read book three (Awaken)was because I knew that it would be like saying goodbye and that was a bittersweet thing for me. I felt maybe if I waited that I could hang on a little longer. So when I saw that Archer & Kelsey were getting their own book I new I had to dive in and finally see Liv and Dean reach their HEA.
These books affected me on a personal level. October of this year (2014) will be my 20th wedding anniversary. 22 years together with my best friend. I can honestly say I've spent more than half of my life with this perfectly imperfect man. 

Nina Lane did something that I've not encountered in another book or series. She took Marriage and she proved that the HEA isn't a thing. It's a journey. It's sacrifice and promise and it's ever changing. Real love stories are ones that you have to fight to stay together and battle for what is important. 
You struggle but your struggle is with someone and for someone. Liv and Dean were a beautiful impression of what real marriage and real love is. Their love was a consuming and passionate awakening, a fierce possession and an undying connection.
 No matter what life threw at this amazing couple..they did not give up! I laughed with them, cried with them and hurt with them but I felt the love from them too. Characters that leap off the pages and into your heart are special and Nina Lane breathes souls into her characters with the stroke of her pen or the click of her computer. She has undeniably stolen my heart and reinforced my belief in how true love and that especially includes marriage can be  rich, passionate and beautiful in it's trials and complexities and the fact it's not a journey to someone..but with someone ..that makes it a special voyage indeed.


  1. Nichole!! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Liv and Dean's story -- needless to say, I am so so happy that you loved it (Dean is a "force of nature" - YES!). I really wanted to do something different with these books in focusing on a married couple, so to know that their story resonated with you means the world to me.

    Thank you so much for your time and support!

    1. OH wow thank you for such an amazing story. I honestly can say it something unique and different and just really touched my heart. We definitely love you at Sizzling Pages!


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