Saturday, April 19, 2014

Forty 2 Days (The Billionaire Banker #2) by Georgia Le Carre

           If you haven't read The Billionaire Banker 
then be warned. 

Georgia has captivated me with a story as tragic as it is beautiful. She turned a villain into a hero and a peasant into a princess. A couple that in so many ways should never have even breathed the same air but not only find each other but continue to fight with everything they have to defy the odds and follow fate. Because only fate can explain how this extraordinary love story could survive. 
When The Billionaire Banker seems like all hope was lost and that there was no way Blake would ever begin to understand the betrayal that Lana had committed. There would be hell to pay is all I could think. 

The urbane man who fed me caviar and quietly
 upgraded my mother to first class is gone, vanished,
replaced by this stranger with furious, mistrustful eyes.

Well, I was right and I was wrong. Blake wanted to punish her from the moment she saw him. The attraction and underlying and unresolved feelings would not be denied. So many secrets, and betrayals. It was one shocker after another. 
I was in the state perpetually. 

 There were even moments of this. 

 More than anything, I did this
But I can't not talk about how many other emotions, especially freaking desire. The sizzling scenes were abundant and beautiful. I loved the anger because it fueled their passion. 
Lana wanted to heal every hurt but also to peel back all the layers that Blake had built around his heart. I know how she feels, I wanted to reach in an soothe Blake probably more than I've ever wanted to heal a broken book character before. 
This couple was passionate and tempestuous and sometimes irrational. But most of all they were beautiful in their brokeness. 
 I held on for the ride and I kept tight to my kleenex and never gave up. I knew that somehow someway my Blake would pull through. I have this thing about not wanting to believe the worst about my broken boys. They just need patience.

 His love for Lana was never in question. It was his belief that he deserved love in return. 
For in Lana he found peace and sanity. 

I am counting the days till the conclusion of this amazing and epic love story. Georgia oh Georgia, I stalk you lovingly. 

You are on my mind, and I can't deny that I'm fangirling.

Now for a special message & thanks if you've read this far. 
I'm a Fairy tale Lover. 

And I need to confess that something dawned on me today. I'm taking my children to Disney World for the 4th time in 5 years. (I'm addicted ..more than them) this summer. Less than 2 months to exact. Well, I've been playing a certain song over and over and today it hit me why. Because. 
Blake and Lana 
are my now and forever
Beauty and the Beast. 

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